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Awesome art By Awesome Deviants!
Check them out guys :D




I really shouldn't leave out my Dev account from Sketch events so as a present for you guys
comment on this status on what you like me to sketch for you. Then I'll upload it with free cookies!
Down the rabbit hole: Rabbit hole
seems interesting XD
Finally Sembreak Started here!
free time and DA Oh I missed you!


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Arcel Derrez
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied


Lovely Sopaipilla Pasada by angelishiLovely Empanada by angelishiLovely Sopaipilla Pasada by angelishiLovely Empanada by angelishiLovely Sopaipilla Pasada by angelishiLovely Empanada by angelishi

Hey there, It's nice to meet you~

Hello I'm Arcel or you can just call me KC, Cell, Kaceh, or anything you're comfortable with if you like ^u^
I love eating especially sweets. I love cakes, flans, candy, chocolate and wait why am I talking about food \(>u<)...

...Back to introductions back to introductions...
I love art especially scenic landscape art and Cartoon and anime types. So mostly my favorites Gallery is mostly composed of these genres hehehe...

I adore fanfictions and original stories they bring me inspiration so Don't hesitate to recommend me some xD

Cakes and Sweets are my Fuel!!~
Lovely Empanada by angelishiLovely Sopaipilla Pasada by angelishiLovely Empanada by angelishiLovely Sopaipilla Pasada by angelishiLovely Empanada by angelishiLovely Sopaipilla Pasada by angelishi

My Imouto-chan

My Real Life Friends
:iconzerovocal: :iconkroo-destro: :iconmocchi-kun: :icond-akuhei: :iconbeatrice101:

My DA Gang/Family


Current Status:

Ready to serve!

join this group for your hetalia OCs to be reviewed ^u^



dAnamic 8A Stamp by TANblaque FantaxKon Stamp by TANblaque :icondanamic-fc:


Hetalia: The Truth by dragon-sigma Insensitive Disaster Fan Art Stamp by LibraK France, Spain and Russia.... by Mewsol Stop fandom abuse - Hetalia by HyaKkiDouR4n Hetalia Fantard Stamp by Hetaclypse Hetalia Stamp by CrowMaiden Make Pasta Not War stamp. by UnstableTable Keep Calm and Make Pasta Not War by ChokorettoMilku Hetalia and History by McMitters hetalia ending stamp by Julesie APH: Philippines Headcanon 06 by ChokorettoMilku

>>>>>>>>>>"Other Fandoms I like"<<<<<<<<<<

Diabolik Lovers Stamp 2 by wow1076Diabolik lovers : Mukami Brothers by SakamakiJustineDiabolik lovers : Tsukinami brothers by SakamakiJustineDiabolik Lovers Stamp by NabiryiDiabolik Lovers Stamp 3 by wow1076Keep Calm and Love Free! ~ stamp by OtomeNishiki


Tea Stamp by Kezzi-Rose Tea and Book Days Stamp by Kezzi-Rose Books Stamp by Kezzi-Rose Daydreamer Stamp by StampMakerLKJ I Refuse To Stop Stamp by StampMakerLKJ I Put Love Into My Art Stamp by StampMakerLKJ Art makes me ... Stamp by Mel-Rosey Art saves me Stamp by Mel-Rosey Shy Stamp by StampMakerLKJ Steampunk Stamp by StampMakerLKJ Original Characters stamp by StampMakerLKJ Photography stamp by StampMakerLKJ Tim Burton Stamp by StampMakerLKJ Disney Stamp by StampMakerLKJ I love when people draw my characters stamp by Reiirin friends are inspirations stamp by piijenius Thank You Stamp by StampMakerLKJ Starry Stamp by Mel-Rosey Handwritten Letters by delusional-dreams Words have Power by delusional-dreams Books Stamp by mylastel Vintage Stamp by Kezzi-Rose Royal Air Mail Stamp by Kezzi-Rose Keep Calm Stamp by Kezzi-Rose Pyjama Days Stamp by Kezzi-Rose Iced Tea Stamp by Kezzi-Rose I Heart Music Stamp 2 by StampMakerLKJ I love cute things Stamp by aries95a F r i e s - S t a m p by aries95a I love Pizza by muslma H a m b u r g e r - S t a m p by aries95a Icecream Stamp by Kezzi-Rose Cookie Stamp by pronouncedyou I Love Chocolate by Sophibelle Hot Chocolate Stamp by Kezzi-Rose Professional Stamp by saporion I Like Waffles. Stamp by bizarrostamps Coffee Stamp by CarinaReis I love Cookies STAMP by CassyDiinlove Icecream Love Stamp by wangqr Pillow Fight Love Stamp by wangqr Stamp - Cheese Lover by firstfear Sweater Weather Stamp by Kezzi-Rose i love coffee stamp by RRRAI i love my DS stamp (black version) by RRRAI Stamp - Donut lover by firstfear Muffins Stamp by ClefairyKid Milkshakes Stamp by cotton-puppy Sushi Love Stamp by wangqr Sushi Love Stamp by wangqr Hotpot Love Stamp by wangqr Meat Lover Stamp by wangqr Pepsi Love Stamp by wangqr Stamp - Milk Lover by firstfear Stamp - Apple Lover by firstfear Le Moustache Stamp by Leafbreeze7

>>>>>>>>>>"Hetalia Pairings Head-canon"<<<<<<<<<<

SpainPhil Stamp by ChokorettoMilku
"Thank you and No Thank you"
head-canon status: Love hate (not that romantic but family-wise)

I both love and hate the pairing because of the mix feelings I have while reading about the history of these two. When in some parts of their history I would find the pairing charming and understandable while in other parts I would find myself pushing the fact that the other party should really hate the latter for all the hurt the other person has done, to the point that they should make their theme song "Trouble" by taylor swift or "Somebody I used to Know" by Gotye

PiriMex Support Stamp by ChokorettoMilku
"The Big Brother I trust the most"
head-canon status: Close Buddy Big brother (not that romantic but somewhat platonic)

For this pairing I see Mexico as a reliable Big Brother who frequently checks up on Philippines and takes care of her as one of his main duties as Spain's most priced colony. Reading a bit of their history I find the pairing heart warming and cute xD except for the heart breaking part when Spain decided to the the Iron Brace technique which made Mexico back out on the "help Philippines be independent too" plan which made me react to the situation with a big "WHY!?" For other support for this pairing, they share a lot of similar culture and history together.

JapPhil Stamp by ChokorettoMilku
"Let's turn over a new leaf"
head-canon status: Friends, gaming buddies/otaku buddies (not romantic but close friends)

reading the WW2 history was both heart breaking and aggravating but let's not put aside the other histories these two have. I mean Basically the Halo-halo is based from the Japanese's Idea of shaved ice with syrup and let's not forget the few trades and a few shared connections the Pre-colonial Philippine kingdoms had with the Empire.Well that's the past support bit of the pair as for the Post WW2 support, the volunteer support, trains, and the numerous articles I read related to Japan and the Philippines in Cory Aquino's era just gave me the feel of "forgive and move on". And the thing about the Otaku and japanese culture here and the multiple japanese branded vehicles plus food I see everywhere just smoothen things out for me to think of 21st century scenarios for them.

APH King RusPiri Stamp by megumimaruidesu
"Hot 'n Cold"
head-canon status: Friendly relationship (I have mixed feelings)

let's see... all the support I could give out for this pairing is 1 they're polar opposites (in weather) but that ain't a strong enough reason for them to be pared because if that were the reason then pair him up with any applicable tropical country but that's not the case. What attracted me to the pair was because of Marcos. Mainly because of what he actually planned and did which is "to be friends and get close with Russia for America's sake" plan that ended up giving me mixed feelings. And then adding the OFWs plus the high count of Russian tourists and the minor things etc. to add to the support pile. Confusing attraction for the pairing? yeah that's how I feel about them and I don't know why xD but still love'n it nonetheless.

KorPiri-Stamp by ChokorettoMilku
"K-Pop Culture is Love"
head-canon status: close friends to pop culture buddies (platonic)

summarizing this would be hard but I'll try.
Korean Pop culture, the soap Opera love everywhere, thousands of Koreans here and thousands of Filipinos there too and as for the History... Korean War aid? still needs a little more research on history for this pair for me to understand them more as for the modern it can be easily fortified like an unbreakable stone rock.

USPiri Stamp by ChokorettoMilku
"The Hyper active Hero Big Brother and the Hot Headed little sister"
head-canon status: close big brother (platonic)

the relationship started out rocky in their history but smoothen out after the commonwealth was established then the independence then everything went uphill from then on. I see America as the Hyper Active Big brother who loves to tease Philippines and teach her a lot of new things plus helping her out from time to time.

APH Vietnam x Philippines Stamp by megumimaruidesu
"Tax Free Trade!"
head-canon status: friendly relationship

need more research but let me just say these days they get along pretty well and plus the thing about the "Tax free" trade they have with each other kind of sparked my interest

Hetalia BN x PH - Stamp by World-Wide-Shipping
"Just Like Chibitalia and HRE"
head-canon status: childhood friends (used to be married)

the pairing is based mainly on the pre-colonial history between these two. They were once married but after spain came in she somewhat forgot all about their relationship.

UKPiri Stamp by ChokorettoMilku
"just a work related relationship"
head-canon status: platonic friends

History-wise England is the person who thought her english and the outside world back when Philippines was still young. As for modern times in my head-canon verse he's one of many countries who hires a high number of Filipino nurses to work in England so she's one of the countries whom Philippines work from time to time. One of the few western Countries who met Mindanao (really young, one of the Philippines 3 major Island groupings) first hand back during the early spanish era of the Philippines.



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Who or what is inspiring your art/art style right now?

If by "right now" meaning around recently this year, then that would be:

Rebecca Sugar - Ever since my classmates got me into the Western Cartoon bus. I started wanting to develop a western cartoon art style. I'd say Steven Universe practically motivates me to draw OCs in the artist's style. And plus the story of the series is rather compelling.
Natasha Allegri - 1.) I love Bee and Puppy Cat 2.) The Art Style is so ADORABLE! 3.) I can easily relate to her Art style 4.) CUTE.
REJET - Because I'm such a lonely sad potato and I can't help but play otome games, read reviews, and scan through CGs all day. (Influenced my style drastically)
Quinrose - Another proof of my sad Lonely existence! (Now you know what I do with my life)
My Watchers / People I watch - I practically stalk everybody. Your Artworks always motivates and inspire me in a lot of ways!

What do you use to put paint water in?

used glass chocolate spread glass jars (wash and Reuse! and I'm too poor to keep buying disposable stuff...)

What is your go-to program?
Paint-Tool-Sai FTW! But recently I started using clip studio paint ever since I received that free serial. I'd say it's worth a try! it's like Photoshop and Paint-Tool-Sai's Lovechild!

Left-handed or right-handed?

Rightie right here!

Do you draw the head shape first then add the details, or start with the eyes then work the shape of the head around them?

I sometimes draw the eyes first but mainly I draw the Head first out of all the body parts for proportional reasons. And it's easier for me to draw this way anyway.

What colour do you use the most?

Brown I guess and sometimes red

Where is your desk/workspace from?

Supposedly it should be on my drawing desk or study table But I guess drawing on the couch and on the bed feels more natural for me.

What do you sign your art with?

My signature or with My Screen Name.

Where do you keep any traditional art when it's done?

I'm no good with compiling things But I think I place most of my papers in Desk Drawer or under my computer Table

Do you have any of your own work on your walls?
Naah. All I have on the wall is paint concrete and my Bookshelf.

What's the story behind your username?

It's a mash-up of my real name yet still nobody could've guessed that it was unless I tell them

Mechanical pencil, or regular pencil?
Both. I'm cool whatever is available I guess.

I'm tagging anybody who wants to do this!
and Thank you Embasan for the Tag!~

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